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Maintain Source List in SAP

In this SAP MM (Material Management) tutorial we will learn the step-by-step procedure to maintain source lists in the SAP system with proper screenshots.

What is Source List?

The SAP MM Source List is used for the administration of sources of supply. It specifies the allowed or disallowed sources of any material for a specific manufacturing plant within a predefined period.

IMF Path to Maintain the Source List

SAP Easy Access > Logistics > Materials Management > Purchasing > Master Data > Source List > Maintain

How to Maintain Source List?

Enter the t-code ME01 in the SAP Command field and press Enter to Execute it.

Now on the Maintain Source List: Initial Screen specify the following details

  • Enter the material number that you to maintain the source list.
  • Enter the respective plant code.

Next on the Maintain Source List: Overview Screen give the following details

  • Enter the valid period until which you can procure this material from this vendor.
  • Enter vendor code in the vendor field.
  • Enter respective purchasing organization.
  • Select the fixed source field if the vendor is fixed.
  • Select block source of supply field if the vendor is blocked for procurement for this material.
  • Enter 1 in to be included in the MRP run.

Once all the details are entered click on the Save button to save the new entries.

A message Data was saved will be displayed on the bottom of your screen.

Change or Display the Source List

Using the following t-code you can change or display all the source lists created on your SAP system.

  •  ME03 – Display the Source List
  •  ME04 – Change the Source List