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SAP SAAS Applications

What are SAP SAAS Applications?

SAP SAAS stands for Software as a Service offered by SAP. It is a new method of delivering software applications at your workplace or on your computer over the internet.

In other words,  SAP SAAS is a service provider that offers On-Demand pay-per-use software applications to the users over the internet or cloud. SAP SAAS is the most popular and commonly used cloud computing model. SAAS is mostly used by end-users or customers because it doesn't require technical knowledge.

SAP SAAS application comes on the subscription-based model which is either on an annual or monthly basis. It means you don’t need to buy the licence and maintenance, unlike other licenced purchased programs. This service is platform-independent and you don’t need to install the software on your PC.

The users can access SAP SAAS applications on multi-tenant architecture. This means that multiple users can access the same resources within the same hosted environment and same hosted servers and have their own dedicated space to securely store their data. The vendor(here it is SAP) entirely manages all the computing resources responsible for delivering SAAS. These services are accessible by any web browser or lightweight client application. In short, SAP SAAS allows users to connect to and use cloud-based applications over the internet without any difficulties.

Popular SAP SAAS services providers are as follows:

SAP SuccessFactors:

SuccessFactors is the most commonly used HR application offered by SAP. SuccessFactors is a cloud-based HR Solution using the SAAS model, which means the customer pays the subscription fees to get access to the software. SAP SucessFactors is designed to manage end-to-end HR business processes.

SAP Fieldglass:

It is a cloud-based Vendor Management System that allows companies to manage and procure external workforce, whether temporary or permanent workers, contingent labours, etc. SAP Fieldglass integrate with other SAP Cloud services like SAP Ariba for procurement and SAP Success Factors for HR management.

SAP Concur:

It is the world’s leading travel, expense and invoice management SAAS company offered by SAP that provides services to businesses. SAP Concur offers easy to use tool to instantly book travel, submit expenses or invoices and access real-time data to manage employee’s expenses happens anytime, anywhere from a single trusted source.

SAP Cloud for Customers:

SAP C4C is a software as a Service platform for sales and customer services. It runs on an SAP HANA cloud. SAP C4C solutions allow you to manage customers' requirements from anywhere with the high security of cloud service providers. You can access all customers' information regardless of where they are stored or available.

SAP S/4 HANA Cloud:

It is the SAAS version of S/4 HANA ERP. It enables companies to achieve digital transformation.

SAP Business by Design:

It is a business management tool offering affordable ways to manage small and medium-sized businesses. It helps your company to become more efficient and keep growing with your businesses. SAP Business by Design is offered as Software as a service model.

SAP Ariba:

It is the on-demand cloud solution to enable companies to improve procurement processes. SAP Ariba is a digital marketplace where buyers and suppliers collaborate for the procurement of products and services. You can plan, buy and pay with one single tool which is SAP Ariba.

Advantages of SAP SAAS applications

Save Cost and Time:

The cloud runs the single instance of the software and makes it available for multiple end-users. This makes cloud computing cheap and time-saving. As the SAP manages and maintains the application for the users there is no IT overhead cost which makes it cost-effective.

Access anywhere: 

You can access your SAAS application anywhere around the globe at any time. To run the SAAS application you don’t need to commute, you can work from any place, all you need is a web browser and good internet connectivity.

Subscription-based model:

SAP offers a very good user-friendly SAAS subscription-based model for its customers.

No need to Upgrade and Maintain the software:

You don’t need to update the license or the new version of your software manually because it is upgraded automatically by SAP.

No hardware or Maintenance required:

As the servers of the customers are not maintained in their office that they need not maintain separate server rooms, they need not maintain power backups, and they need not hire technical people to maintain the servers. Hardware, Operating systems, Database, Platform, and Security all are taken care of by SAP.

Easy to use:

As it’s free from all the complexities of installation, up-gradation, version control, etc. the customers are not required to know the technical parts. That is why SAAS applications are easy to use.

Platform independent:

It is platform-independent you don't need to install the software. You can run the application on any operating system, you just need a high-speed internet connection.

Consistent performance and stability:

There is no problem with downtime, system hang or system hacks. The customers get very good system performance if they are connected to a high-speed internet connection.

In today's scenario, users want such software which is ready to use without the need to install maintain or host software on site that’s why SAAS is popularly used.