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SAP KW (Knowledge Warehouse)

Definition or Meaning - What is SAP KW?

Full form or SAP KW stands for (Knowledge Warehouse) is application software that clenches all the necessary areas of an organization to set up and manage diverse business enterprise solutions. This SAP system acknowledges relevant operational tasks such as documentation, training and development, exchange and integration of time across various media, and provides the archive for data of companies of all sizes.

Today, after gaining knowledge about the specific requirements of companies with regards to SAP processes, experts are using the many tools of Knowledge Warehouse (KW) for producing more effective results. Used as a stand-alone product in market for non- SAP products earlier, this module is now being implemented in all kinds of SAP applications and products. The technical infrastructure of SAP KW is based on the content server, programming languages and the browsers that companies choose to work upon. It consists of a central storage system for all documents, manuals and training courses.

SAP Knowledge Warehouse (KW) can enhance business operations in the ways as listed below:

  • Business applications can be made to run in a smooth and faster way with systematic and simplified processing of data.
  • It processes all the operational tasks in an organized documentation.
  • This warehouse of data and knowledge reduces the license costs required for documentations of organizations, with KW applications being run on their SAP interface.
  • Users can customize data easily as resultant documents are provided in the highly compatible MS format supported by all platforms.
  • To create custom application help, users can link their documentations with SAP transactions and integrate the style and design layout for displayed and creative content needs of documentations.
  • Any number of employees can access the resultant documentation and update it from their end with proper permissions in place.

SAP Knowledge Warehouse (KW) Courses

SAP KW courses basically consist of a document repository that enables the employment of various methods, for more effective integration of SAP systems. They can include reusable and modified SAP contents such as data models, product information etc. The curriculum of SAP Knowledge Warehouse includes different ways of documentation through:

  • Web servers that provide the documentation package;
  • Context sensitive help from SAP application;
  • Standalone windows, and so forth.

Scope and Opportunity of Knowledge Warehouse (KW) Course

KW provides a basic knowledge authoring environment in small and big sized organizations. As this document repository produces more output in any company, every major organization is on the lookout for SAP KW experts for increased productivity and better management of documentation. Acquiring knowledge in this field can give adequate acknowledgement for the flow of data and maintenance, and leads to the building of documents in an enhanced way.

Become a Certified SAP KW Consultant

SAP professionals can explore their skills in the respective field by acknowledging all the course contents of KW. Keeping in mind the future scope of a career in SAP Knowledge Warehouse consultancy, authorities may launch the certification for the course, but till now, adequate knowledge in the field is sufficient enough.

Basic Qualification Required for the Course

Candidates aspiring for this course must have adequate knowledge about the back end operations of any business system. He/she must be equipped with sound knowledge in the workflow of SAP.